Student Testimonials

My handicap has declined by 3 shots. My short game became more consistent and my drives were more accurate. Joe’s insight and patience make for a great combination. I look forward to continuing our working together.

Harvey Knopman Knopman Financial Training

I hated golf! Every year was the same: I began the summer season trying to raise my game to some semblance of competence. As the summer progressed, although I only played one or two days a week due to my job, my long game remained the same, and my short game improved somewhat. I refused to get frustrated, however, telling myself instead that if I were any good, I would be on tour! This year everything changed. I decided to invest in golf lessons and happily for me, Joe Ingoglia is one of the golf pros at the club where I belong. I met every week with Joe and he made the difference. With a clear teaching style, using visual explanations and simple language, Joe transformed my game.

Susan D.

Joe is able to quickly identify swing issues and provide actionable drills and swing thoughts to address them, which his players can immediately take to the course. He instills confidence while focusing on fixes to increase enjoyment on the course.

Dan Zarkowsky Goldman Sachs

His method of teaching is explicit and very effective in creating a visual image which is reproducible long after the lessons are over. His positive reinforcement in concert with his particular teaching style stimulates your desire for further mastery of the game of golf. His enthusiasm when running tournaments is infectious. After many years of taking lessons I can say without reservation that Joe Ingoglia has a uniquely effective teaching style.

Dr. Ruth Waldbaum

Joe’s knowledge, skill set and passion is unlike any other teacher I have ever seen. He quickly identifies the problem with your swing and creates a game plan for the future. He completely revamped my game and got me hitting it better in a short time.

Jacob Kravel President, Combined Systems

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