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 Instructional Videos

Setting yourself up to make par with a good 50-yard wedge shot around a bunker.

There are a lot of misconceptions about how to move the body for a consistent shot. A big key is learning to move your upper body independently!

For amateurs: The art of hitting the proper bump-and-run shot with an 8-iron.

Sand traps shot are among the more difficult. Learn how to skim the sand with precision for the best shots.

Hit the ball first, not the ground, for a consistently crisp shot. Joe reviews the ideal swing arc.

Let’s talk putting! For the perfect putt, you need to optimize both your grip and your stance.

Joe reviews how to get consistent shots in the rough with a sand or lob wedge. It’s all in the shoulder!

Joe discusses his favorite technique for putting downhill on fast greens with a lot of undulation.

Joe talks swing rhythm—the key to a smooth, consistent swing. Let your body’s rotation guide your arms and hands and watch your grip tightness!

Joe discusses how to start with the all-important 45 degree angle and maintain it all the way through your swing.

How to avoid slicing on your swing. Avoid a slouchy setup, bend from the hips and align your chest behind the ball to make sure your spine is where it should be!

Another video for you slicers out there. Focus on the correct follow-through with your shoulders and you’ll learn to nail your arm extensions!

Joe uses a 7 iron on a severe downhill lie with drafts. How to control your swing on dramatic slopes to compensate for the ball’s increased speed.

It’s time to talk angles. Joe offers more info on aligning your stance relative to the ball and shot positions. The use of stakes helps to visualize the alignment of your body, the club and the ball.

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